In a standardized web, creativity will always be rewarded

In 2007: a decentralized sector less saturated with content BDM celebrates its 15th anniversary. When we launched in 2007, the web looked very different. We were using Windows XP and Internet Explorer. Our friends shared their stories on MySpace, on their Skyblog and even on Facebook. We sent Wizz on MSN and the 1st iPhone, … Read more

Avis Wix (2022) : La solution idéale pour créer un site !

Avis Wix 2022 La solution ideale pour creer un

Avant de vous donner notre avis Wix, voici d’abord une présentation de cet outil. Wix est un Content Management System (ou CMS) qui permet de gérer son contenu en ligne, sous forme de site internet. C’est une plateforme web qui permet de créer et gérer un site internet. Cela concerne aussi bien un site de … Read more

Revision of the eIDAS regulation: the security of the web ecosystem in danger

Revision of the eIDAS regulation the security of the web

A revision of the eIDAS regulation, which regulates cross-border electronic procedures for the identification, authentication and certification of websites within the EU, is currently being studied by the European Union. Article 45 of the proposal addresses one of the key web security mechanisms for verifying whether a secure site is who it claims to be. … Read more

memory | A sensory and metaphysical journey ★★★½

Donnees de geolocalisation on vous suit

Sorry, your browser does not support videos Visiting her sister and brother-in-law in Bogotá, a British expat living in Medellín, Colombia, is awakened at daybreak by the sound of what appears to be an explosion at a construction site. Apparently she’s the only one who heard it… Posted at 9:30 a.m. Marc-Andre Lussier The Press … Read more

New in-depth study finds two-thirds of organizations with self-built real-time edge messaging infrastructure experienced significant periods of non-productivity in the past 12-18 months value-added eco information

New in depth study finds two thirds of organizations with self built real time

LONDON, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ablythe edge messaging platform designed to power live and collaborative online experiences, today announced that two-thirds (65%) of organizations have experienced significant outage or downtime in the past 12-18 months with the edge messaging infrastructure they had integrated in-house. infrastructure Edge messaging is essential for last-mile data transmission … Read more

Global PC Website Builders Market Expected to Register Double-Digit CAGR from 2022 to 2029 Business Insider

[Déclarer l’utilisation à des fins d’entreprise uniquement] The report on the Global PC Website Builders market provides statistics on the current state of the industry as a valuable source of advice and guidance for companies and investors interested in this market. By precisely understanding the requirements of the client and following them firmly, this market … Read more

Tardi, Toulmé, Guy Delisle, Élodie Durand nommés aux Eisner Awards 2022

Meilleure Histoire Courte “Funeral in Foam,” de Casey Gilly et Raina Telgemeier, dans You Died: An Anthology of the Afterlife (Iron Circus) “Generations,” de Daniel Warren Johnson, dans Superman: Red & Blue #5 (DC) “I Wanna Be a Slob,” de Michael Kamison et Steven Arnold, dans Too Tough to Die (Birdcage Bottom Books) “Tap, Tap, … Read more

This WordPress plugin makes it easy to connect third-party applications together

This WordPress plugin makes it easy to connect third party applications

To create their website, many professionals and companies turn to WordPress. On this content management system (CMS), it is possible to add applications in order to enrich the functionalities of its platform or its site. Bit Integrations makes it possible to connect them to each other in order to boost its use of WordPress. Automate … Read more