Alternative to Ex2: 2 hosts to absolutely consider

1648171871 Alternative to Ex2 2 hosts to absolutely consider

To host your website without encountering difficulties and obtain good performance for its referencing in search engines, the choice of a good host is crucial. For this purpose, you should find out about the offers available, and perhaps you are wondering about the Ex2 host. Whether you have already tried it or not, you may … Read more

Grace, Nvidia’s ARM processor finally unveiled

Grace Nvidias ARM processor finally unveiled

Nvidia has unveiled the ARM Grace family of processors it announced a year ago. Two models, expected for next year, were present in the form of a cartridge that would clip onto the dedicated socket of a motherboard. The first, called Grace CPU Superchip, contains two Grace processors that total 144 Neoverse N2 cores, … Read more

After payment, sunday simplifies restaurant ordering: explained by Victor Lugger

1648136934 After payment sunday simplifies restaurant ordering explained by Victor Lugger

A few days before the Sandwich and Snack Show 2022, the trio of serial entrepreneurs is adding a new string to its bow with its mobile payment solution via a QR code: the order! If the sunday webapp, available since 2021, was until then reserved for commercial catering at the table, this new feature could … Read more

Surveillance at work: the boom in new technologies – Widoobiz

Surveillance at work the boom in new technologies Widoobiz

The CNIL and the Labor Inspectorate are registering more and more reports. The latter come in particular from the trade unions of several private companies who denounce abuses in the monitoring of employees. Indeed, several French firms have been experimenting with technological devices in companies for several years. Barely disguised surveillance The employment agency, Pénélope … Read more

TousAntiCovid: contact case, number, how to download?

TousAntiCovid contact case number how to download

APP ALL ANTI COVID. TousAntiCovid is the application that allows you to store your test results and vaccination certificate acts as a health pass. It also allows you to know if you are in contact with a covid-positive person. How to download it? Is it free? How to get the Verif application? Guide. Summary Launched … Read more

A very useful new certification in personal data management

A very useful new certification in personal data management

Ms. Flore Tanguay-Hébert, Mr. Elie Elia, Me Erin Schachter and Me Erwan Jonchère. In order to address the leaks of personal data and their risky use by companies, which are regularly the target of cybercriminal attacks, the provincial government recently adopted the bill 64 by enacting Law 25. Bill 25 modernizes the … Read more

Osmosis (OSMO), l’exchange décentralisé multi-chaînes de l’écosystème Cosmos

1648049607 Osmosis OSMO lexchange decentralise multi chaines de lecosysteme Cosmos

Qu’est-ce que Osmosis (OSMO) ? L’écosystème d’Osmosis Quels sont les rôles du token OSMO ? La distribution des tokens OSMO Équipe et partenaires d’Osmosis Comment acheter la cryptomonnaie OSMO ? Notes et avis sur Osmosis (OSMO) Qu’est-ce qu’Osmosis (OSMO) ? Lancée en 2021, Osmosis est une blockchain qui est utilisée dans le cadre d’un protocole de teneur de marchés … Read more

Dofus: Focus on the Goblins, temporary delirium or clue for future content?

1648031927 Dofus Focus on the Goblins temporary delirium or clue for

With two major updates this year and many events in perspective, we can say that there is change in the air on Dofus ! In the midst of the astronomical amount of information provided over the past few months by Ankamasome themes stand out more than others, and among them: goblins. Why do these minor … Read more

How to deploy a GitLab server with Docker

1648014378 How to deploy a GitLab server with Docker

GitLab is a leading platform for hosting Git repositories, CI pipelines, and DevOps workflows. It is available as a SaaS offering on or as a self-managed distribution for private use on your own hardware. GitLab is a complex system made up of a network of separate components and dependencies. Installing GitLab packages directly to … Read more