War in Ukraine, live: Russia has fired more than 2,000 missiles since the start of the conflict, says Volodymyr Zelensky

30 The situation on the map Enlarge The context Live hosted by Solène L’Hénoret, Anne Guillard and Marie Slavicek Contributions are temporarily disabled in this live stream. Russia announced the expulsion of 34 French diplomats, 24 Italian diplomats and 27 Spanish diplomatsin retaliation for those of Russians in the wake of the Russian offensive against … Read more

Microsoft: “Some concerns of European cloud players are justified”

“We got the message” launched the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, Wednesday, May 18, in Brussels, where the American company is the subject of a complaint for abuse of a dominant position. “Some of the concerns of European cloud players are justified”, admitted the leader. The French company OVH, author of the request to the … Read more

Montigny-le-Bretonneux – Pilou, Narco, Shayze and One, the four dogs of the canine squad | The Gazette of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Now with four dog handlers and four dogs (Pilou, Narco, Shayze and One), the dog brigade of Montigny-le-Bretonneux is a real plus for the city’s municipal police. “It was a campaign commitment, recalls Éric-Alain Junes, deputy mayor in charge of citizenship and security. We wanted to give new impetus to a brigade that has existed … Read more

Naucelle : l’aménagement de la Gamasse au centre de la dernière réunion du conseil

Le conseil municipal local s’est retrouvé en séance publique jeudi 12 mai dans la salle de mairie. Après l’approbation du PV du dernier conseil, les élus pouvaient commencer l’examen de l’ordre du jour. Mais avant, cela Christophe Barbet, employé ONF (en charge du secteur de la Gamasse), exposait un point sur cette parcelle domaniale. Rappel … Read more

Belgium: a first Tiny House welcomes a young person in a precarious situation!

Belgium a first Tiny House welcomes a young person in

Will tiny houses become an alternative to emergency shelter accommodation? Will they replace the hastily erected tents of the homeless? Still, more and more municipalities, in partnership with associations, are investing in the construction of villages of tiny-houses that they reserve for the homeless… In Ghent, in Belgium, the association Vzw aPart was able to … Read more

Are you investing in securing your data in the cloud? – Tech Tribune France

Are you investing in securing your data in the cloud

Traditional businesses moving to the cloud need robust information security mechanisms. Gartner predicts that over 95% of new digital workloads will continue to be deployed on cloud-native platforms by 2025. Robust cloud data security is imperative for businesses embracing rapid digital transformation to the cloud. While a traditional hosting model may be considered more secure, … Read more

Homophobia, fleeing to survive the testimony of Kévin – Guyane la 1ère

Homophobia fleeing to survive the testimony of Kevin Guyane

Kévin, in his twenties, had to flee his country, the Republic of Haiti, only because he loved men. Victim of homophobia, he decides to leave, direction Guyana, for him, it is the symbol of France and the country of human rights. We will call him, Kevin, to preserve his anonymity. His testimony is striking, but … Read more

“La prise en compte des grands précaires : quelles problématiques et quels enjeux pour les grandes villes ?”

Les analyses nationales de l’impact social de la crise sanitaire divergent : certaines mettent en avant une aggravation de la situation, la pandémie faisant basculer de nouvelles personnes dans la précarité, d’autres insistent sur l’efficacité de l’intervention des pouvoirs publics qui permettrait de limiter fortement ce basculement. Les grandes villes n’échappent pas à ces difficultés … Read more

The Official Campgrounds

The Official Campgrounds

The summer season promises to be radiant and outdoor accommodation attracting a French and European clientele is on the rise. The landscape of open-air hotels is also being recomposed in the light of new economic and ecological behaviours. Hygiene and the cleanliness are top priorities. Indeed, for many customers, cleanliness is the number one criterion … Read more