The waitress feeds a homeless man without suspecting that it was a test of his management…

Waitress: When a homeless person enters a popular café The story we tell you takes place in a popular cafe in a village. This cafe is recognized in the area. It is people of all ages and all classes who meet there. Both businessmen and workers come here to eat, drink coffee, or hang out … Read more

Linux Foundation Podcast Series: “The Untold Stories of Open Source”

The power of a story. I first wrote about this 7 years ago in a series I titled Lessons from a two-year-old. But that’s a reality as old as time itself – humans are wired for stories. We like to listen to them, tell them, and they help us relate to others and remember things. … Read more

50 Cryptocurrency And NFT Terms And Their Definitions

Many new terms and acronyms have developed around crypto and NFTs. For example, a PFP project is a profile picture project like Bored Ape Yacht Club. HODL means don’t sell. These terms will help you translate NFT content like Twitter feeds. Loading Something is loading. If you are new to NFTS, some terms can be … Read more

eFootball 2022: Season 2 requires maintenance for several days!

eFootball 2022 Season 2 requires maintenance for several days

Game News eFootball 2022: Season 2 requires maintenance for several days! Published on 05/19/2022 at 16:13 The eFootball 2022 game announces its season 2 very soon… unfortunately it will require a lot of maintenance. eFootball 2022 continues to evolve with various gameplay improvements and changes. Version 1.1.0 is coming very soon, but you’ll have to … Read more

New blow for Axie Infinity: its Discord server victim of a hack

New blow for Axie Infinity its Discord server victim of

Never one without 2 – Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn deployed on Ethereum (ETH). This registers more than 10,000 daily users. This crowd makes it a ideal prey for hackers, on the lookout for the slightest flaw. After his bridge was hacked last March, it’s his turn Discord server to be compromised. Axie Infinity’s Discord … Read more

Do you have a recipe against the Great Resignation?

1652992748 Do you have a recipe against the Great Resignation

Hello and welcome to this edition of the Zevillage newsletter. Every Thursday, find the information that counts on the future of work, guaranteed without bullshit, one step ahead. To inspire you and help you engage in the transformation of work. If you do not yet receive the Zevillage newsletter, BigQuit, Big resignation, difficulties in recruiting, … Read more

Interview with Geoffrey Virtue, Executive Producer of TFT, on Set 7 and the future of gaming

Interview with Geoffrey Virtue Executive Producer of TFT on Set

Teamfight Tactics Set 7 is right around the corner, and we had the opportunity to interview Geoffrey Virtue, who is the game’s Executive Producer. On the occasion of the imminent release of Set 7 of TFT, we were able to interview Geoffrey Virtue, who is the Executive Producer of Teamfight Tactics. He was able to … Read more

Les entreprises VPN qui ne veulent pas se conformer aux nouvelles rgles devront se retirer du pays , l’Inde leur ordonne de collecter et de transmettre les donnes des utilisateurs

Les entreprises VPN qui ne veulent pas se conformer

L’Inde va de l’avant avec ses nouvelles rgles de cyberscurit qui obligeront les fournisseurs de services cloud et les oprateurs VPN conserver les noms de leurs clients et leurs adresses IP et suggrent aux entreprises qui ne veulent pas se conformer de se retirer du deuxime plus grand march Internet au monde. Fin avril, l’quipe … Read more