Which service to choose to back up your online data in the cloud?

Which service to choose to back up your online data

In recent years, the needs in terms of online storage have grown. The exponential demand for storage has seen its growth take a significant turn since the arrival of smartphones. Photos, documents, videos, soundtracks, various files… multiple media that we want to keep, for various reasons: memories, administrative needs, professional projects… They all have their … Read more

Shadow relaunches with a more powerful cloud PC and new services

Shadow relaunches with a more powerful cloud PC and new

Shadow finally emerges from the shadows. After financial difficulties that led to the sale of the start-up last year, it is now under the leadership of Octave Klaba, the founder of OVH, that a new chapter of the PC in the cloud opens. . Shadow will finally meet the most pressing demand from players, but … Read more


the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error is very confusing, but it’s usually pretty easy to fix. This may be the first time you’ve seen the problem, but it’s actually one of the most common Google Chrome DNS errors. When you try to open a webpage and get this error message, here are some suggestions you can follow: This … Read more

Microsoft présente le nouveau Outlook pour Office Insiders

Microsoft presente le nouveau Outlook pour Office Insiders

Chez Microsoft, ils font le plus gros pari depuis longtemps sur l’un de ses composants clés. Outlook est enfin modernisé et il le fait en pariant sur un changement radical et une intégration avec d’autres applications. On parlait déjà il y a quelques années du Fluid Framework et de ce qu’il impliquait et, après quelques … Read more

What if Machiavelli took care of your marketing?

What if Machiavelli took care of your marketing

Laurent Marliere Consultant and professor of strategy & marketing May 18, 2022 Today at 03:00 All communication involves a dose of manipulation. The current market offers a series of opportunities for “machiavellian” marketing. Nicolas Machiavelli was the advisor to the Prince of Medici. Wrongly, he is granted a harmful reputation embodied by the adjective “Machiavellian”. … Read more

Google Explains Your Android Phone’s Notifications Problem

Google Explains Your Android Phones Notifications Problem

The best Android phones and tablets don’t all work the same way, and some devices have aggressive battery-saving software that can reliably prevent background notifications from arriving. The Android team explained this week at Google I/O why this is a recurring issue. Modern versions of Android strike a good balance between extending battery life (by … Read more

Storage: Infinidat expands the functions of its high-end bays

Infinidat, the Israeli startup that manufactures fast and capacitive storage bays – combining inexpensive disks and high-performance cache – is enriching the functions of its offer with support for a greater number of protocols. InfiniBoxes were previously SAN arrays that offered FiberChannel or block-mode iSCSI access to databases. From now on, they will be … Read more

Nvidia releases open-source Linux GPU drivers

Nvidia releases open source Linux GPU drivers

Gaming on Linux has always been a little more complicated than on Windows (or game consoles), and one of the reasons for that is poor driver support. Nvidia under Linux. The situation is changing, but it is difficult to know how much it will improve. Nvidia announced on Wednesday that it has released its Linux … Read more

MinIO and NAS (with or without Docker) – Cachem

MinIO and NAS with or without Docker Cachem

MinIO is a high performance, free (open source) object storage system. The software makes it possible to build a high-performance, cross-platform infrastructure that is above all compatible with Amazon S3 APIs. Beyond being able to mount (for free) an S3 compatible server, MinIO can also serve as a gateway. Indeed, MinIO Gateway can add Amazon … Read more