Ukraine: the war is also being played out in cyberspace

Ukraine the war is also being played out in cyberspace

Cyber ​​space is traditionally conceived as being able to be divided into three main layers: the physical layer (cables, servers, computers, etc.); the logical layer (digital data and related transmission means including applications, protocols, interfaces and applications); and the semantic layer made up of users, their exchanges including in real time, which includes content circulating … Read more

“Our strength is in cooperation”, Ouanilo Medegan Fagla, Director General of ANSSI-Benin – CIOMAG

Our strength is in cooperation Ouanilo Medegan Fagla Director General

Present at the Lomé summit on cybersecurity, Benin called on the actors of the continent’s digital ecosystem to stick together. Ouanilo Medegan Fagla, Director of the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) invited his peers to strengthen their cooperation and get involved in regional organizations. He also returned to the strategies that his country is … Read more

Blizzard Talks Diablo Immortal Cosmetics and Class Change

1648505597 Blizzard Talks Diablo Immortal Cosmetics and Class Change

In an article published just now, Blizzard talks about cosmetics, which will be regularly added to the game, the visual effects of legendary gems on your equipment and the change of class in Diablo Immortalwhich will arrive shortly after the release. Find all the information below. As you spend time on Diablo Immortal, slaying demons … Read more

pCloud: the secure online storage service that eclipses Dropbox

1648488114 556 pCloud the secure online storage service that eclipses

With already more than 14 million users on the counter pCloud has become a platform to be reckoned with in the online file storage market. To stand out from the competition, the service offers advanced features and applies a strict data security policy. Add to that attractive prices and a generous free offer, and we … Read more

Nvidia GTC 2022: AI supercomputer, H100 GPU, metaverse… the best announcements –

1648435588 Nvidia GTC 2022 AI supercomputer H100 GPU metaverse… the best

Over the past decade, Nvidia has taken advantage of the rise of artificial intelligence. Its GPUs have proven to be valuable tools for Deep Learning. Faced with rising demand, the firm wants to offer even more power to its customers. As part of its annual GTC 2022 conference, Nvidia has just announced several products dedicated … Read more

Cryptocurrency theft campaign threatens Android and iPhone users!

Cryptocurrency theft campaign threatens Android and iPhone users

Researchers have updated a malicious system capable of extracting funds in cryptocurrencies by imitating legitimate digital wallet services (Coinbase, imToken, Trust Wallet, …). This system mainly targets Chinese users using applications copied from Android and iOS. Wallet services are distributed by a network of over 40 counterfeit wallet sites. To trick unsuspecting visitors into downloading … Read more

Amazon Prime Vidéo : Tarifs, abonnement, catalogue

1648383021 Amazon Prime Video Tarifs abonnement catalogue

Les utilisateurs d’Amazon connaissent désormais le service Amazon Prime. Avec celui-ci, vous bénéficierez de multiples fonctionnalités telles que les livraisons expresses gratuites et des offres exclusives à l’occasion de la vente annuelle Prime Day d’Amazon. Toutefois, les atouts de ce géant du e-commerce vont bien plus loin. Aujourd’hui, vous pouvez vous abonner à son service … Read more

Le Service De Routage Et D’accès à Distance Ne Démarre Pas Sous Windows 11/10 – Tech Tribune France

Le Service De Routage Et Dacces a Distance Ne Demarre

RRAS (Routing and Remote Access Service) est un routeur logiciel API Microsoft qui permet aux entreprises de déployer des connexions VPN afin de fournir aux utilisateurs finaux un accès à distance au réseau de leur organisation. Il vous permet également de configurer une connexion VPN de site à site entre deux serveurs. Certains utilisateurs rencontrent … Read more