Oxidia-Cloud launches a tailor-made hosting solution

To exist, companies today must rely on digital technology: they need servers to host their data securely, websites to increase their notoriety and VoIP telecommunications systems to be easily reachable. Oxidia-Cloud was created to support them in setting up and developing their infrastructure.

Oxidia-Cloud is a service provider that offers hosting services to individuals, VSEs, SMEs, administrations, associations and large accounts. It offers them personalized support that allows them to develop and put into production the infrastructure of their project or company. Created in April 2021 by two passionate students, Oxidia-Cloud has its own infrastructure in Paris, which guarantees a high quality of service to its customers.

The founders of Oxidia-Cloud work on their clients’ projects in a collaborative mode and study their needs in order to offer them a tailor-made offer, truly adapted to their needs. Focus on the six Oxidia-Cloud solutions

• Housing. Oxidia-Cloud supports its customers in their infrastructure projects by offering them physical data center hosting from single to U (1U) to full bay. The machines run on a redundant and rippled power supply, benefit from an unlimited 1 Gbps network connection and N+N air conditioning. Oxidia-Cloud customers can physically access their machine by appointment. The startup also offers a “Hand & Eyes” service, thanks to which its customers can guide a technician who works on their equipment directly by telephone. Inexpensive (from €55.9 per month), this offer allows companies to control their infrastructure from A to Z.

• Dedicated servers. Oxidia-Cloud’s rental contracts allow its customers to put their infrastructure into production, by opting for a short-term rental or by paying for their own server in installments. It is an exclusivity on the market in terms of rental contracts. A customer can rent the dedicated server for the desired time and then, at the end, if the latter is eligible for the purchase option, buy the server for an additional €15. Several options are available: interventions in the datacenter within 24 hours, IPv4 failover from €2.5 per month and the possibility of adding ram and storage.

• VoIP switchboard. Oxidia-Cloud’s VoIP service is a real telephone switchboard that includes a single telephone number and all the tools needed to manage the lines. It makes it possible, in particular, to be reachable from a mobile thanks to “Softphone” applications, or from an office with fixed equipment.

• Virtual Private Servers (NVMe). Oxidia-Cloud’s VPS offers adapt to the needs of its customers, allowing them to host a project or part of their infrastructure. Its advantages: extremely efficient L7 anti-ddos protection, electrical and network redundancy, 1 Gbits of bandwidth and NVMe hard drives.

• Web hosting. With this website hosting service, Oxidia-Cloud customers benefit from a Plesk management panel that makes them autonomous in the use of their tools.

• Online reseller. The Plesk web reseller offer is aimed at hosts who want to offer web hosting and project managers who want to host different websites within a single management panel. The strengths of Oxidia-Cloud

• The customer relationship. Oxidia-Cloud does not consider its customers as numbers, but as partners with whom the startup wishes to collaborate over the long term. It maintains a relationship of trust with them by providing them with a dedicated account manager and technical support available 24/7, with a response within 15 minutes.

• The SLA: a real commitment. Oxidia-Cloud guarantees quality services by respecting in all respects the service-level agreement (SLA), that is to say the contract entered into with its customers. Technical interventions are carried out in less than an hour. The infrastructure and the network are supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Network Operations Center of Oxidia Cloud.

• Total control of the infrastructure. The company fully manages its infrastructure, located in a Parisian datacenter, and its telecommunications equipment. It has its own network, with a capacity of 10 Gbps. Thanks to electrical-network redundancy, it guarantees high service availability.

• Secure data. No service is subcontracted. Thus, customer data does not circulate between several service providers, which is a guarantee of security.

• Tailor-made products. Oxidia-Cloud offers personalized solutions to its customers. The company develops its own management interfaces to allow its users to manage their services in a simple and intuitive way.

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Oxidia-Cloud launches a tailor-made hosting solution

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