Alternatives to LWS: what solutions to replace the host?

During your search for web hosting, you may have considered many options. Indeed, the choice of hosts and offers on the Internet is very wide. To the point where you sometimes have to try several before finding the one that really suits your needs. In this idea, it is possible that you have tested LWS and that it does not fully satisfy you.

In the same way, it is also possible that you have not chosen it yet, and that you are hesitant to do so. Either way, you probably want to explore other options to replace that host. So here we are going to take a look at the two best alternatives to LWS so that you can make an informed choice.

The best alternatives to LWS in 2022:


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Overview of LWS and its negative aspects

First of all, we will briefly tell you about LWS and the shortcomings of this host that could well cause you problems during your use. You should therefore know that LWS was created in 1999. This host is based in France, and more precisely in Paris, which makes it a 100% French host.

It is also worth noting that the premises, staff and datacenters are also located on French soil. LWS is currently a web host that is quite popular, as evidenced by the more than 280,000 sites it hosts. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely flawless.

Indeed, the host has a number of weaknesses and these can make you think twice before adopting it for your web hosting.

First of all, the first complaint that can be made about LWS concerns the performance it offers. This parameter is very important and unfortunately it is not completely satisfactory. With this host, the speeds observed are clearly not optimal, which is a shame.

In the same way, the availability rate (or uptime) is not up to what is done with the best web hosts on the market, which could well harm your website. Also, if you had the opportunity to browse the official LWS site, you must have realized that it is really not pleasant to visit.

It is loaded and the offers are quite incomprehensible. This will not help you make a relevant choice, and above all, will not give you confidence to start with this host. The same goes for the LWS administration interface. The latter is not very pleasant to use, which makes the management of your accommodation slightly more complicated.

Finally, be aware that while LWS offers a domain name with the majority of its hosting plans, it is only valid for one year. Indeed, you will have to pay for its renewal the following year – and all the years after – to continue to benefit from it. So, beware of unpleasant surprises at the time of payment.

Best alternative to LWS: Hostinger

Now that you know the weaknesses of the host, we will tell you about the best possible alternative to LWS: it is Hostinger. You may have already come across Hostinger during your research, as they are clearly the market leader in web hosting.

Hosting Overview

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The company was founded in 2004 in Lithuania. Then a few years later, in 2011, Hostinger adopted its name and final form. Since then, this host has attracted a large number of users. It now has more than 29 million, which is quite impressive.

So, let’s see without further ado how Hostinger is the best alternative to LWS.

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Reasons why Hostinger is the best LWS alternative out there

As you can imagine, if we present Hostinger to you as the best alternative to LWS that exists, it is because this host has strong arguments to convince you. First of all, since this was a problem at LWS, know that with Hostinger you will not have to worry about the performance of your hosting.

Indeed, the service offers very good performance: optimal speeds and uptime reaching almost 100%, which is excellent. In this way, your hosting and therefore your website, will benefit from extremely satisfactory performance. But the host does not stop here. It offers a wide range of offers, adapted to all needs.

You can find them on its official website, and as much to tell you right away, the latter is much more pleasant than that of LWS. We have indeed raised this negative point at LWS: its official page and its offers are quite difficult to understand. If this was a problem for you, know that at Hostinger, everything is very clear.

The hosting plans offered by the latter are described simply and clearly, which allows you to make a relevant choice quickly. In the same idea, know that Hostinger also offers you a simple and pleasant administration panel, which is also an advantage it has over LWS.

This administration interface is based on hPanel, which is an improvement of the famous cPanel. If all this is already substantial enough to demonstrate the superiority of Hostinger over LWS, you should also know that this host offers you other advantages.

With it, you will be able to take advantage of optimal security settings, for example with tools such as Bitninja or Imunify360. It also has advanced anti-DDoS protection and smart firewall rules, so you don’t have to worry about your hosting.

Finally, be aware that in case of questions or problems, Hostinger provides you with technical support accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you are never blocked in your use.

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Second alternative to LWS: PlanetHoster

While it is clear that Hostinger is a great alternative to LWS, however, there are other solutions you can investigate. And among these, we would like to tell you about PlanetHoster which is really worth the detour. This host was created in Quebec in 2007.

The World by PlanetHoster

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Since then, it has continued to improve and diversify to offer varied but high quality services. Thus, PlanetHoster now offers the sale of domain names or even a VPN. When it comes to web hosting – which is what we’re interested in here – PlanetHoster is also excellent.

We will immediately look at the characteristics of this host to see how it is a very good alternative to LWS.

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Why PlanetHoster is a very good alternative to LWS?

If you’re wondering how PlanetHoster is a good alternative to LWS, we’ll explain that right away. First, know that it will guarantee you very good performance. Indeed, this host shows excellent speeds and also an availability rate approaching 100%.

These parameters are optimal, which solves the potential problems encountered at this level at LWS. When we know the importance of these elements, we understand that PlanetHoster here supplants its French competitor. In the same way, know that the administration interface of PlanetHoster is much more pleasant to use than that of LWS.

It is based on cPanel and allows you to simply and efficiently manage your hosting even without any special knowledge, which is more complicated at LWS. Also, PlanetHoster offers a domain name with its hosting plans. But where it differs from LWS is that the domain name offered is valid for life.

This is a big advantage over LWS since you will not have to pay any renewal here to keep your domain name. At PlanetHoster, as long as your hosting is active, so is your domain. But the host does not stop there. Indeed, in terms of security, you will also be seduced by very satisfactory parameters.

PlanetHoster has, for example, very good anti-DDoS protection, so as to protect you against so-called “denial of service” attacks, aimed at making your hosting – and therefore your website – inaccessible.

Finally, also know that with PlanetHoster the choice of your accommodation will be much clearer and simpler than at LWS. Indeed, here, you have the choice between two unique offers: The World (which is a unique shared hosting offer) and HybridCloud (which mixes dedicated server and cloud services). You will agree, it is much more accessible than its French equivalent.

It is therefore quite obvious that PlanetHoster is also a very good alternative to LWS. It therefore deserves your serious interest.

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Alternatives to LWS: what solutions to replace the host?

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