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A few days after the 0.3.9 update on the experimental branch, this one arrives definitively, with some modifications, on the official version. Since several changes have taken place, we have a full patch notes for this May 11th update, so you don’t get lost. The most important addition is, without a doubt, the possibility of using a dedicated server. Also note that following returns, the repair of objects is done again with scrap parts.

you can discover the Core Keeper Update 0.3.12 full patch notes below.

Update 0.3.12 Patch Notes


  • Dedicated servers are now available.
  • The game is moving to the new backend we used on the experimental branch, as it has proven to work better overall.
  • The repair system has been reverted to using salvage parts, following collaboration and feedback from our community. The cost of salvage parts has been rebalanced so that higher tier items cost more salvage parts. The latter can again be obtained through salvage. Current materials obtained through salvage are still available. The bearded merchant now sells salvage parts instead of wood.
  • A reinforcement mechanic has been added to allow players to increase the durability of their items and give them a small stat bonus. Reinforcing an item costs a portion of the item’s crafting materials.
  • Added salvage parts that can drop from destructibles and certain enemies.
  • Higher level hoes now cover a larger area. This makes it possible to plow and harvest plants in large areas.
  • Added a digging damage stat to shovels that influences the number of uses needed to dig the ground. Ground health has been rebalanced based on shovel digging damage, so higher tier shovels are more effective against lower tier ground and lower tier shovels are less effective against higher tier ground.
  • Added Scarlet Hoe and Scarlet Shovel that can be crafted at the Scarlet Workbench.
  • The large watering can now covers 2×2 tiles. More watering options to come!
  • Durability for fishing rods has been removed.
  • Added different resources (Ores, Lumber, Fibers, and Salvage Parts) to fishing.


  • Slight increase to Rune Song damage.
  • Increased maximum boss health.
  • Azeos enrages at a slightly higher health percentage.

Quality of life

  • Other players can become server administrators from the pause menu.
  • Players can be banned by admins from the pause menu.
  • Added a button next to Game ID for admins to regenerate Game ID.
  • Creatures and fireflies will disappear in areas where there are too many of them until a reasonable number remains.
  • Added a dropdown in the “Join Game” menu that displays previously joined Dedicated Servers.

More such updates will roll out over the next few weeks, as will larger updates with content. Core Keeper remains available in Early Access on Steam.

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Core Keeper: Update 0.3.12 of May 11, details – Core Keeper – GAMEWAVE

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