How to connect the Home Assistant via Wi-Fi for wireless home automation?

If you are using version 3 or 4 of the raspberry-pi for your home automation Home Assistantyou probably know that the latter is equipped with a chip Wireless. But did you know that it is possible to connect the home automation system to the wireless network from home, very simply, without touching the configuration files, all through the graphical interface. So, if you don’t know how to do it yet, follow this guide, it’s very easy to do in just a few minutes.

Wi-Fi connection guide for Home Assistant

Necessary time : 5 minutes.

It takes no more than 5 minutes to switch Home Assistant from the wired network to the Wi-Fi network. It’s very simple and if you want to move your home automation box to a location in the house without an Ethernet network, it’s a good alternatives for you.

  1. Open Home Assistant network settings

    To access the Wi-Fi configuration menu, go to Settings / System / Network

  2. Open the WLAN0 tab

    Now under the network configuration menu of HA you have two tabs available, the first ETH0 is for the wired connection, the one we are interested in and therefore the second, click on it, then expand IPV4 to check the DHCP option.

  3. Scan for Wi-Fi networks in range

    Now expand the Wi-Fi menu and click on search for access points.

  4. Select the Wi-Fi network on which to connect Home Assistant

    The list of detected Wi-Fi networks appears, choose from this list the network on which to connect your home automation. Prefer a network dedicated to the connected home if you have one since it is a home automation server. If you don’t have one yet, consider it!

  5. Set encryption method and security key

    All that remains is to define the type of security for your Wi-Fi network and indicate the security key before saving.

  6. Wi-Fi connection confirmation

    A message “connected to xxxx” tells you that the Wi-Fi connection is active, your Home Assistant home automation is now connected to the wireless network.

  7. Reconnect to Home Assistant on the Wi-FI address

    Now it’s time to unplug the network cable from your Raspberry Pi to use the wireless interface. This will require you to reconnect, as changing the network card changes the IP address.
    Use the NetAnalyser mobile app to easily find your Home Assistant’s new IP address.

    All that remains is to enter this IP address in your browser to connect to your Home Assistant box connected via Wi-Fi to your network!


Simple and quick, we have just connected the Home Assistant home automation to the house Wi-Fi network without even having to touch a single configuration file! Be careful however, if this mode of connectivity has the merit of existing and can be useful in certain cases, a home automation box is above all a server, and a server requires a stable, reliable and quality connection, which is why prefers the RJ45 cable if possible.

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How to connect the Home Assistant via Wi-Fi for wireless home automation?

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