Sting alerts, death rumors… What happened at the Ateez concert at the Accor Arena in Paris?

After the performance of the K-pop group at Bercy, Wednesday, May 4, many messages circulated concerning alleged syringe attacks, one of which would have caused the death of a young woman.
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“Yesterday or the day before, at a K-pop concert in Paris, there was a girl who got bitten and died of it”, wrote a user on Twitter on May 6. “Thirty girls were bitten at the Ateez concert, the social security did not stop going back and forth, contacting emergencies and it only came from the pit. Guys, pay (sic) ultra attention to you and your loved ones”, alarmed another, the same day. Like these two messages, dozens of publications concerning alleged syringe attacks were relayed on social networks, the days following the passage of the South Korean group Ateez, at the Accor Arena, on May 4.

The first warning signals seem to have appeared the day after the event, on a Discord discussion server dedicated to Ateez fans. A person there claims, in a since-deleted post, that a friend of hers was rushed to the emergency room after being bitten “on the arm”. “At first, she came to the server to meet people who are going to the Ateez concert on May 4, and she told us the day after the concert that her friend had suffered a wild bite,” explains one of the administrators of this discussion group. On Friday, this anonymous person returns to the group with a “terrible news” to announce to the administrators, he relates. “I was the first to be present, and she asked me to announce [la mort de son amie par crise cardiaque]», tells our interlocutor, who runs on the forum. But quickly, inconsistencies call into question this version, explains the young man.

Very rare direct testimonies

“We realized that some things didn’t fit medically, or were so rare that it just seemed impossible,” he explains. Even if the administrator admits not having the end of the story, denials are published as a precaution on social networks and the term “sting” is now prohibited on the Discord server. Contacted, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirms that no death occurring after a sting during the concert has been brought to their attention.

In parallel with this rumour, numerous calls for “to verify” the absence of bruises and traces of bites are relayed in the days following the concert, contributing to the panic. According to our research, however, direct testimonies from victims are very rare.

On Twitter, a user posts a message explaining that he has spotted a brand “on the back”. “I am in the emergency room, they took me very quickly. For them it is formal, syringe prick”, he says, on May 7, in a tweet “liked” more than 20,000 times. Contacted, the latter did not respond. Another Internet user explains that he went to his doctor after noticing a suspicious trace which was in fact only a bruise.

Two other Internet users contacted by CheckNews writing about the alleged syringe attacks say they did not attend the concert. The figure of one “thirties” of victims mentioned in certain messages actually comes from a video published on TikTok and viewed more than 100,000 times, where a young woman says she saw “thirty to forty girls taken care of by security” for discomfort, without however confirming that the latter were victims of bites. “At first I thought maybe it’s because they haven’t had enough water and it’s hot in the pit. […]but in fact I saw a lot of people testify that they had traces of bites”, she worries, facing the camera.

Eleven investigations underway in Paris

Another fan present, wishing to remain anonymous, also tells CheckNews that many people felt ill during the concert. “I advanced five meters between the start and the end of the concert because the people in front of me felt unwell and left to the side, that surprised me”, she relates before specifying that these discomforts do not necessarily have a link with syringe attacks. The young woman explains that she was particularly vigilant that evening, when this new phenomenon – real or supposed – of “Wild bites”, observed in particular in nightclubs and festivals, escapes the authorities for the moment. “I thought they would sting my legs instead, so during the whole concert I was quite careful with my legs. As soon as something touched me, I turned around”, she explains.

When contacted, the communications department of the Accor Arena claims to have “learned about the case on social networks where many messages relay these potential attacks and sometimes are his denials”. “What we know is that no one has come to complain about this kind of problem to us. Nothing was brought to the attention of the civil protection present on the day of the concert”, we are told.

The Paris prosecutor’s office, however, confirms to CheckNews only one “Investigation was opened on May 9 for administration of harmful substances and entrusted to SAIP 12 (central police station of the 12th arrondissement of Paris), following a complaint lodged by a young woman who complained of an injection the thigh after the concert». A total of eleven investigations are in progress, “in all police stations in Paris”, for similar facts that occurred on various occasions.

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Sting alerts, death rumors… What happened at the Ateez concert at the Accor Arena in Paris?

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