What types of accommodation does PlanetHoster offer?

Claiming some 60,000 customers for 100,000 sites hosted in Europe and the United States, PlanetHoster is undoubtedly one of the most popular hosts of 2022. Behind this great notoriety lies in particular an almost irreproachable quality of service translated by a plethora of accreditations, reliable and modern structures, proven data security and above all offers adapted to the needs of different types of sites.

By looking at these offers, we find two main types of accommodation which are “The World”, a shared server, and “HybridCloud”, a dedicated server accompanied by cloud services. Who are they for and what are they really worth? Let’s take a closer look.

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The different types of web hosting

Any website has information “coded” in a specific language (html, Javascript, etc.) to be visible and to function correctly. Stored in locations called “servers”, this information is loaded onto the web each time a request is launched (page visit). In its main role, the host thus provides server management services as well as the necessary IT support (hardware power for data protection and backup) according to the needs of the site.

Naturally, a site that attracts a lot of traffic offering heavy content (with high quality videos and images, for example) will require high-performance hosting, while a start-up hoping for a few dozen visits per week will only need an ordinary server. Whatever your situation, know that it will always be possible to find something that suits you in terms of accommodation, but the price will follow.

In short, the current market contains five different hosting services:

  • Shared hosting. It is a cheap shared service putting in action a single server for several sites. This feature allows it to grant competitive prices thanks to the common pool of resources.
  • Dedicated hosting. This type of “expensive” service embeds a single server for a website, therefore favoring performance (bandwidth, storage, Ram, CPU, etc.).
  • Cloud hosting that uses virtual machines.
  • VPS or “Virtual Private Server” hosting, which is defined as a virtual server powered by a physical server with features similar to those of a dedicated server.
  • Free accommodation. A basic service characterized by limited storage space and weak protections that can be requested for free in return for advertisements (in most cases).

The World, low-cost shared hosting

With 13 years of experience, PlanetHoster now offers one of the most generous rates for shared hosting through its The World offer, which costs barely 6.00 euros including tax per month. You can discover all the information on this accommodation in detail in our Planet Hoster reviews.

Behind this attractive proposal, the server does not however spare the main axes of quality hosting via ultra-varied and unlimited functionalities in terms of storage space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts as well as data base.

Regarding stability and security, The World offers a 100% isolated multi-site server accompanied by dedicated SSL certificates per domain, network performance optimization via Noction IRP, a free domain name for life and finally 1000 addresses Additional IPs.

This list is far from exhaustive, but already shows the breadth of accommodation options. On the hardware side, PlanetHoster provides 8CPU, 16 Gb of RAM, a throughput of 16MB/s I/O. Added to this are instant activation, 14-day warranty (+ refund if dissatisfied) backup at a frequency of 12 hours to a second datacenter, a SiteBuilder and many others.

The World hosting is thus aimed at all people who want a secure and efficient service for small or medium-sized sites such as blogs or even e-commerce sites in the process of starting up.

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HybridCloud, a solution with a premium service

As announced upstream, a dedicated server is an adaptive solution to the exclusive needs of a single site and therefore assigns a personalized configuration for optimal performance. The Cloud uses virtual machines on its behalf and thus affects an almost unlimited power calculation accompanied by optimized security and stability.

At PlanetHoster, the two solutions have been mixed to provide a competitive and complete service. If the price could frighten some users with its 49.99 euros monthly, the watchword is however “premium”.

Among the features available, we find the same unlimited offers as The World in terms of the number of sites (100% isolated), bandwidth, e-mail accounts and databases.

Hybridcloud hosting offers highly secure support via anti-DDoS and anti-malware protection. Exclusive 24/7 outsourcing and a “premium” scalable infrastructure accompanied by a hardware boost function called AutoPeakPower will guarantee increased site stability in all circumstances (peak traffic for example).

In terms of hardware and resources, PlanetHoster’s HybridCloud hosting offers up to 32-Core CPU, 256 Gb of RAM and 16Tb of storage. It allows you to quickly make a remote backup with a 2th data center from the French and Canadian networks.

The choice of this hosting will be especially recommended for users requiring the advantages of a dedicated server (isolated machine and resources) and the stability of a managed cloud service.

Worldlite, a free solution for life and without advertising

Intended for low traffic sites, Worldlite is a service suitable for forums and other blogs that do not require large storage spaces. Like the majority of free web hosting offersWordlite is restricted in functionalities and in particular in terms of disk space (limited to 750 MB) as well as server management services.

In short, the user will be entitled to:

– two e-mail accounts

– two FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts that allow transferring (light) files from one server to another

– PHP access with two MySQL databases

-a CMS/Scripts installer

– an SSL certificate

In addition, PlanetHoster provides an efficient hosting service for the proper functioning of your site despite the limitation of features.

Among other things, Worldlite offers a personalized domain name accompanied by two subdomains and offers the choice of datacenter between that of Canada or France. In the same section, the offer has full technical support through forums and advice as well as a sitebuilder to facilitate the design of the site.

Moreover PlanetHoster is compatible with more than 180 CMS. Finally, Wordlite differs from other free hosting services by its non-intrusive nature. In other words, your site will not suffer from any advertising with this offer.

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What types of accommodation does PlanetHoster offer?

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