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Today a website is essential to the success of any digital business in a world increasingly driven by technology. It is also the most effective way to communicate and be heard when it comes to spreading ideas or even passions, even if social networks are increasingly taking precedence over this last area. If you need to create a website for your e-commerce or if you just want to bring your blog project to life, you have already faced the following question: how to host your website?

How to host your website?

This is a question that I myself have been confronted with on several occasions. Indeed, the blog now being more than 13 years old, I had to change host several times, either for financial reasons or for technical reasons, some hosts not being able to support sites with too much traffic (in particular hosts only offering shared hosting). Let’s not talk about hosts whose technical service is close to 0, leaving you to manage with an offline site for several days, necessarily during busy periods…

With so many options on the internet, it’s really hard to choose. It is necessary to evaluate the differences between several services and determine which one offers what you are looking for depending on your purpose. I present to you here 10 points which seem important to me for host your website.

Operating time

There is nothing more frustrating on the Internet than clicking on a link and the target site does not open.

This problem annoys not only the user but also Google itself, which begins to give less value in the organic search results for this address. So make sure that the website hosting service you hire offers the best quality of uptime.

This factor, also called uptime, or “Uptime”, can be measured using a number. The closer it is to 100%, the better the service availability guarantees. When choosing your website hosting provider, keep an eye on this factor and prioritize options that offer over 99% uptime.

Storage available

Depending on the purpose of your website, you will need a lot or a little storage space for the files you add to it.

If you need a lot of space, make sure the web host offers the amount you need so you don’t run out of memory. On Home and Domotics, for example, most of the storage space is used by the many photos that illustrate my tests or my guides for more than 10 years. There was a time when my storage space was full, which led to the site crashing, as it needed a minimum of free space to function properly.

If, on the contrary, you need little space, opt for cheaper formulas and save the money you would have paid for unnecessary space.

But if your service offers unlimited disk space, you can relax on this point and move on 😉

Monthly traffic

You may not know this, but some website hosting services have a monthly traffic limit. In practice, this means that after a certain number of accesses, the server will charge additional fees for “additional visitors”, or simply stop displaying your website on the web. This is one of the reasons that led me to leave my previous host, which was efficient, but which limited me too much in terms of traffic.

Therefore, always pay attention to the information given by companies and be sure to use those with unlimited data traffic so that you do not run the risk of your website crashing.

Charging speed

If you already know a bit about SEO, you know that Google will always prioritize pages that load faster, always aiming to provide the best experience to its users.

So check if the website hosting service you hire offers good loading speed. It’s worth remembering that the difference may seem insignificant in theory but, in practice, it’s the difference between a user actively staying on reading your content or being annoyed by the delay and abandoning your page (known as bounce rate).

If your site is intended for a particular country, opt for a host located in this country: access times will always be shorter than if it is on the other side of the world. If your site is intended to welcome visitors from all over the world, in this case you will have to opt for a CDN service, which allows the pages of your website to be served from a server close to the user. CDN services usually have dozens of servers around the world for this.

Data security

Trusting someone to host your website and content is not a simple task. You must therefore ensure that the chosen provider is able to fully protect its customers, by offering a system of information redundancy and constant backups.

Thus, even in the event of natural or unforeseen problems, your website will always be online and fully operational. We all have in mind the recent fire that broke out at OVH in Strasbourg a few weeks ago, leaving hundreds of sites offline for several days. Worse, some companies, having not opted for a backup plan, have witnessed the loss of all their data, which can be fatal for a company.

Following this incident, several web hosts have also changed their policy and decided to automatically integrate a data backup method.

But in addition to the backup made by your host, do not hesitate to make a copy at home, it is now easy to set up such an automatic backup via a NAS for example.

Also make sure that the web host offers the various protections on its servers: Firewall, Anti(virus/malware/rootkit), WAF protection, anti-bruteforce, anti-DDOS, etc.

Customer Support

In addition to offering all the conditions for the success of your page, a website hosting service must also be effective in supporting you. Customer support is a key factor for many users and having the vendor available to help you can mean the difference between a crisis resolved quickly and a website offline for hours.

Check how the support of the service you are considering hiring works and see what channels the company offers for you to contact them and ask for help. It is necessary that the contact and the intervention can be fast, and not a chat held by a bot which answers after 48 hours…

Content management system

Look for a service that offers its own intuitive content management system or easy installation of an open source system. These platforms will be part of your daily routine when interacting with your website, so take them into account, especially if you intend to create content frequently. Not everyone has the technical skills to upload files, create a database, and configure the site in question. Some hosts allow you to install, for example, a WordPress in one click. It’s time saved to focus on what’s important: your content.

Try it for free

Many website hosting services offer free usage periods to allow the user to get to know the provider and test if they have everything they need. This period is essential to know if it is worth hiring a certain service, as well as to identify possible obstacles that you had not thought of before putting your idea into practice.

After that, if the provider does not meet your expectations, you can leave it free of charge. If not, great! You have found the ideal accommodation.

Payment methods

The price should not guide you in choosing the ideal service, but it can also help you make an easier decision. The fact that a service is cheaper does not guarantee that it is bad, just as the fact that it is more expensive does not guarantee a quality provider. Understand exactly what type of need you have and look for a plan that balances your needs and your wallet.

Remember that many website hosting services also offer discounts based on the usage period you choose. In general, the longer the duration of use, the lower the final price you will pay. Similarly, an annual payment often provides some savings compared to a monthly payment. But the latter has the advantage of spreading the costs…

Discover additional benefits

As this is an extremely competitive market, it is worth remembering that many companies provide website hosting service. To stand out, they usually offer additional benefits to get ahead of the competition: automatic backup, email service, podcast hosting, newsletter service, etc.

For this reason, stay alert! Read everything you’re entitled to in each plan and identify unique benefits that might end up being exactly what you need.


If you pay attention to these 10 tips, you will certainly be much more confident when it comes to choosing the best web hosting.

Even so, it’s always good to remember the most important piece of information: there are several different website hosting services out there, and you need to thoroughly understand your needs to hire the type of plan that best suits your profile.

The good news is that today, the providers themselves are increasingly aware of this and therefore already offer formulas aimed at different segments: blog, ecommerce, community, etc. Regardless, do some good research, remember all the factors I covered in this post, and start creating your content! There is not ONE web host better than the others, but ONE web host adapted to your needs. It is therefore necessary to define them well before starting any research.

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10 points to check to properly host your website – Home and Home Automation

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