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The Villa Medici Service Residences offer new places to live for seniors, in which they can live safely and independently, in a friendly environment, while discovering new experiences. The Villa Médicis Service Residences are competing for the second edition of the Prix Pleine Vie in the Residence category.

Places of life where listening, respect and benevolence reign

Initially, the first Résidence Services Villa Médicis was created in Dijon by Hubert Rouy for his mother, who did not want to join a retirement home or stay alone at home. This is still the vocation of the Service Residences Villa Medici: to offer a secure place to live for seniors, in which they can maintain their independence, escaping loneliness. The Villa Medici Service Residences welcome autonomous seniors, alone or in pairs, each living in their own apartment. Accommodation is complemented by high quality services (catering, attentive staff, entertainment, etc.).

The Résidences Services Villa Médicis offer much more than a place of accommodation and services for the elderly, they are intended to “honor and serve our elders” and “to make old age a beautiful experience”. This company, which has retained a family mode of governance, closely monitors that the values ​​that presided over the creation of the Résidences Services Villa Médicis endure in each establishment. Each resident must feel at home, surrounded by a team that is always ready to listen and attentive to their needs. Residents must feel free, supported and accompanied in their choice, without anything being imposed on them. Attention to the person and excellence are two values ​​dear to the company, which takes care of every detail, specially trains its teams, decorates and furnishes the accommodation with taste and offers a traditional catering service (each Résidences Services Villa Médicis on its own). 98% of residents say they are satisfied with their apartments and 97% of them appreciate being supported by an available and attentive team.

Currently, the company has 10 residences in France. It plans to expand to meet the demands of seniors, but without haste. What matters above all is to preserve the values ​​of the Résidences Services Villa Médicis and the quality of the services; the well-being of residents and their quality of life must always come first.

Discover new experiences

To “make old age a great experience”, Villa Medici Service Residences are intended to be friendly and welcoming places to live, where residents can discover new experiences if they so wish. Games and competitions are regularly organized between the different residences. The opportunity for the residents to spend moments of conviviality and to spice up the daily life a little by trying to win prizes. Throughout the year, the Résidences Services Villa Médicis teams provide gifts, surprises and attentions for the residents. Unusual activities are also organised, such as hot-air balloon rides or dog sledding, sign language workshops, etc. A “Stay connected” event is also specially organized on the occasion of the Prix Pleine Vie.

This workshop offers residents a fun and useful time for daily tasks, which are increasingly digitized.

They understand how the famous social network works, and use it to follow topics they are passionate about, news from Villa Medici Service Residences and of course to keep in touch with their loved ones, families and friends.

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Focus on the Villa Médicis senior service residences – Full life

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