Discover the security measures of iDrive’s Cloud Backup service –

For those who value security, the Cloud Backup offer from IDrive allows you to benefit from a private key for encryption. In fact, it is a zero-knowledge service.

IDrive offers a unique combination of online storage and cloud backup. It also provides its subscribers with a host of backup features. IDrive’s privacy and security are also top-notch, making its cloud backup plan a complete product.

IDrive offers excellent security with strong encryption

The security features of IDrive’s cloud backup service are among the best on the market. It guarantees the data privacy not only virtually but also physically. It supports themulti-factor authentication based on email to access its web and mobile applications. Additionally, data is protected both at rest and in transit with AES-256-bit encryption.

To prevent leaks, this supplier has set up many security systems. In particular motion detectors, 24/7 secure access, video surveillance and intrusion alarms. These ensure that no unauthorized access to the servers can take place.

On the network side, IDrive performs periodic reviews of its infrastructure by third parties to ensure that no known vulnerabilities are present.

Privacy Policy

In addition to providing excellent security, IDrive also gives top priority to user privacy. With a excellent privacy policyprivate encryption and compliance with GDPR and HIPAA, there is very little to complain about in this area.

Like most cloud backup solutions, IDrive collects some personal information about its users. This includes first and last name, payment details, and physical and email addresses. This is fairly standard, and IDrive claims to never share this information with third parties without the user’s explicit consent.

The IDrive mobile app

IDrive works with almost all major operating systems. The desktop version works with Windows and macOS, but IDrive backup is not compatible with Linux.

IDrive’s mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you toaccess synced files via mobile.

Note that it is possible to back up an unlimited number of devices from a single account.

IDrive Prices and Plans

Customers can choose from four pricing and package options. These include the basic package offering online backup of up to 5 GB of data. The personal iDrive plan with 5TB of storage is priced at 63 euros for one year and 126 euros for two years.

The team-friendly plan connects up to five computers with five users. He offerse 5 TB of storage for 90.2 euros per year.

Starting at 90 euros for 250 GB, the professional plan can accommodate an unlimited number of users, computers, servers, Exchange, SQL and NAS devices.

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Discover the security measures of iDrive’s Cloud Backup service –

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