Online storage: why pCloud outperforms industry giants

If your smartphone’s memory is full and you’re looking for an online storage service other than Google Drive, pCloud is the best option in 2022. This provider relies on simplicity and efficiency to provide its users an optimal cloud experience. The platform is also very secure, with servers based in Europe.

If you are thinking of opting for pCloud, know that this is the perfect opportunity. Today, he recorded a price drop of -75% on his 2 TB Family package valid for life. The price goes from 1400€ to only 350€. In addition, the account is to be shared between 5 members, with no expiry date.

I take advantage of the pCloud Family offer

The 5 essential advantages of pCloud

pCloud is a Swiss-based provider that offers a comprehensive online storage service. With more than 14 million users under its belt, pCloud manages to differentiate itself in many aspects. Here are the five benefits of pCloud:

  • simplicity
  • accessibility
  • speed
  • security
  • features

In detail, let’s start with its key advantage, ease of use. pCloud is actually designed for everyone. The interface is ultra intuitive, well thought out and translated into French. You will be able to store your photos, videos and audio files without any difficulty.

In addition to its web interface, pCloud provides several applications on computers (Windows, macOS, Linux) as well as mobiles and tablets under Android or iOS. Your data will be accessible wherever you are. To complete this device, the instant synchronization option allows your files to appear on all your devices.

pCloud also relies on speed by relying on quality servers. The speed of transfers and downloads makes use pleasant, as well as browsing the platform.

The speed of pCloud does not come at the expense of security. Indeed, it also encrypts all your information according to the TLS/SSL protocol during backups on its servers. To protect users in all circumstances, data is even stored on three servers. You also have a 30-day trash history if you need to recover accidentally deleted files.

Another point on which pCloud is strong, the functionalities. Thanks to this online storage service, you will not only be able to efficiently manage your files, but also share them with your relatives or colleagues by creating sharing links. Members don’t need to be a pCloud client to access the folder, which is very convenient.

How to enjoy 2 TB for life without a recurring subscription?

If you are interested in pCloud’s service, you should subscribe now. On the occasion of Family Day, the service provider allows you to make 75% savings on Lifetime 2TB Family plan. Thus, the price goes to only 350€ against 1400€ in normal times. Know that then, you have nothing more to pay because the subscription is done in one go.

For information, 2 TB of storage costs on average 100€ among competitors. So it’s a very good deal.

For a period of 99 years, you will therefore benefit from a storage space of 2 TB to be shared between 5 users. Sharing is not necessarily fair. It is the owner of the account who chooses to distribute the 2 TB according to the needs of each one. It should be noted, however, that the spaces are private. Confidentiality is respected between all members.

Last point to note, this promotional offer is guaranteed for 10 days. You can therefore subscribe without stress. And if that’s not enough, you can opt for the free version of pCloud to test the service. Feel free to upgrade your subscription later.

I take advantage of the pCloud Family offer

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Online storage: why pCloud outperforms industry giants

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