Google I/O: Simplify app development with Firebase updates

Google IO Simplify app development with Firebase updates

Application development is becoming increasingly complex. Developers need to build apps for different platforms and a growing number of form factors. They must also meet increasing requirements in terms of security and scalability. To help developers deal with all of this, Google is rolling out a series of new updates. by Firebase its application backend … Read more

TousAntiCovid: app, verification, how to download it?

TousAntiCovid is the application that allows you to store your test results and vaccination certificate to have your health pass. The application installed on the phone contains a QR code to scan. How to download it? Is it free? How to activate it? How to get the Verif application? Guide. Summary Launched in 2020 under … Read more

Optimize mobile app engagement by delivering better experiences

Optimize mobile app engagement by delivering better

By Thomas Butta, Director of Strategy and Marketing Discover MAX Mobile apps have quickly become the preferred destination for a seamless and functional exchange of value between brands and consumers. It’s indisputable that mobile app experiences are becoming the digital heart of the customer experience. Yet some brands treat their mobile … Read more

Degica becomes one of the first and most comprehensive PSPs on Shopify’s app store with the launch of 41 payment apps

Class in: Business, Science and TechnologyTopic : New products and services Thanks to the launch of these applications by Degica, the company becomes one of the few payment service providers (PSP) to offer a wide range of payment solutions as diverse as Paidy and Konbini in Japan, Alipay in China and Toss in Korea. South … Read more

This is the best app to watch anime for free on your Android

This is the best app to watch anime for free

Share With the Animeflv application you can see the latest episodes of your favorite anime with Spanish subtitles directly on your mobile. Anime is a traditional style of animation of Japanese origin which has continued to attract new followers in recent years thanks to the success of titles such as Dragon Ball, The Knights of … Read more

Secretum: The Messaging App for the Web3 Era – BeinCrypto

1649304081 Secretum The Messaging App for the Web3 Era BeinCrypto

Web 3.0, or Web3, is considered the next stage in the evolution of the Internet and could be an even bigger paradigm shift than the Web 2.0 era. Web 3.0 is built on the fundamental concepts of decentralization, transparency, and greater usefulness to users in all application domains, from messaging and games to metaverse and … Read more

Wix.Com Ltd. Announces Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment App for Quick and Easy Order Fulfillment | Market area

1648174678 WixCom Ltd Announces Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment App for Quick and Ltd. announced a new integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) that allows Wix e-commerce merchants to easily fulfill their e-commerce orders using Amazon’s order fulfillment services with online shipping needs. one or two days. Wix eCommerce merchants in the United States, whether they sell on Amazon … Read more