Which service to choose to back up your online data in the cloud?

Which service to choose to back up your online data

In recent years, the needs in terms of online storage have grown. The exponential demand for storage has seen its growth take a significant turn since the arrival of smartphones. Photos, documents, videos, soundtracks, various files… multiple media that we want to keep, for various reasons: memories, administrative needs, professional projects… They all have their … Read more

Why choose Windows Server dedicated servers from Ikoula? — YubiGeek

Dedicated servers Windows are more and more recommended, and it is not for nothing. This is why we find them with most service providers. Order a dedicated server Windows is no small feat. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, opt with your eyes closed for the offers offered by ikoula. We’ll tell you more. A reliable … Read more

Private Browsing or VPN: Which to Choose to Stay Anonymous?

Private Browsing or VPN Which to Choose to Stay Anonymous

Unsure of the difference between the private browsing window and a VPN? Below, discover the advantages and disadvantages of each of the solutions. Private browsing and VPNs are two tools that guarantee you a certain level of privacy when browsing the internet. If both will allow you to hide your browsing history, cookies and passwordstheir … Read more

My health space: it’s up to you to choose the professionals with access to your data

My health space its up to you to choose the

My health space is a personal digital space similar to a “safe” where all your health documents are stored. You alone choose the professionals you authorize to access these documents. In addition, these health professionals will only have access to the documents which concern them, according to an authorization grid which strictly defines this consultation … Read more

My health space: you choose which healthcare professionals can access your data

Credits: © ameli.fr Before activating ” My health space », the new interactive digital health record available on Ameli.fr, you may be wondering about the protection of medical secrecy, the level of confidentiality of the data stored there and whether other people can access it. You have complete control over access to your documents, it … Read more

Create a website for the French market: how to choose your host

Create a website for the French market how to choose

For your company, for your communication, for your visibility and your development, the website is more than an advantage for your activity, it is a must: the image and the assets of your company permanently visible and in the world. entire. A dynamic to be put in place via elaborate content and relevant choices. And … Read more

Free or paid Jimdo: what are the differences? What to choose ?

1649259677 Free or paid Jimdo what are the differences What to

If you’re interested in online site builders, you’re probably familiar with Jimdo. Indeed, Jimdo is one of the world leaders in website creation on the Internet. This German start-up was founded in 2007 and since then it has continued to develop its services to offer you the simplest use and optimal services. Jimdo allows you … Read more