The 6 essential criteria for choosing the right data center

Increasing your hosting space for your IT equipment, having high-performance connectivity with as many players in your digital ecosystem as possible, ensuring the backup of a main site, are among the reasons for using the services of a data center. If the choice of data center depends on the needs and objectives of the companies, … Read more

The importance of choosing the right web hosting –

1650316397 The importance of choosing the right web hosting LeBigDatafr

Choosing a web host is one of the first decisions to make when deciding to create a website. Faced with the multiplicity of offers, this choice is not always easy. However, it is very important, insofar as unsuitable or poor quality hosting can harm your image and the visibility of your site. On the other … Read more

WordPress Hosting: Choosing the Best Web Host for Your WordPress Site in 2022

Wordpress Hosting Choosing the Best Web Host for Your Wordpress

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn In this article, we’ll tackle head-on the confusion that seems to persist in the hosting world with the terms WordPress hosting vs web hosting. Using some form of web hosting is essential if you want to take your business online. Choosing the right web host can boost your site’s SEO, … Read more