Sting alerts, death rumors… What happened at the Ateez concert at the Accor Arena in Paris?

After the performance of the K-pop group at Bercy, Wednesday, May 4, many messages circulated concerning alleged syringe attacks, one of which would have caused the death of a young woman. Question asked by Isabelle on May 7 “Yesterday or the day before, at a K-pop concert in Paris, there was a girl who got … Read more

The death kilometer law, and the resurgence of entrenched racism

The death kilometer law and the resurgence of entrenched racism

Diagram for the law of proximity © Ukraine has seen the birth of an absolutely unprecedented wave of support for the past week. Initially symbolic support: demonstrations that have flourished throughout Europe, in the United States, Australia and Japan as well as the various positions of heads of state throughout the world attest to strong … Read more