New blow for Axie Infinity: its Discord server victim of a hack

New blow for Axie Infinity its Discord server victim of

Never one without 2 – Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn deployed on Ethereum (ETH). This registers more than 10,000 daily users. This crowd makes it a ideal prey for hackers, on the lookout for the slightest flaw. After his bridge was hacked last March, it’s his turn Discord server to be compromised. Axie Infinity’s Discord … Read more

What does the message “You do not have permission to post in this channel” mean on Discord?

What does the message You do not have permission to

Do you remember Clubhouse? If you follow social media trends, you might have noticed and even used it for a while. The central theme of Clubhouse is to allow people to come together virtually in one place and help them connect. After the launch of Clubhouse, a few months later appeared the Twitter spaces. The … Read more

Discord has become the go-to messaging service

Discord is a cross-platform voice and text chat app originally designed for gamers, but since it has grown in popularity, all kinds of communities have migrated to it. Even staff have moved away from Slack to use Discord full-time instead. Discord was created to bring people together around games. You taught us that it … Read more

Use Discord to create a community of learners

Use Discord to create a community of learners

Belgian teacher Quentin Carpentier dared to use the Discord application with his students, starting in 2018! What is Discord? It is an online communication platform, very popular in gaming communities, which tends to become more and more democratized. Quentin Carpentier was in Quebec City for the 40th AQUOPS conference. He used it to share his … Read more

How To Create Discord Events In 2022 (Desktop And Mobile)

1650178854 How To Create Discord Events In 2022 Desktop And Mobile

Earlier last year, Discord introduced a new feature that allows server admins to schedule events on the server. With scheduled events, you can easily organize special events for your server, possibly with guests as well. In this article, we’ve detailed the steps to create Discord events using desktop and mobile apps. Create events on Discord … Read more

WhatsApp, future competitor of Slack and Discord

1649863152 WhatsApp future competitor of Slack and Discord

While WhatsApp is an application for the general public, Slack and Discord offer advanced features that make it easier to organize discussions between colleagues or within a community. For example, on these applications, conversations do not take place in a single group chat. On a Discord server or on a company’s Slack, the same groups … Read more

How to know if someone has read your message on Discord

1649619034 How to know if someone has read your message on

When we message someone, whether on Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook, we are always curious to know if the other person has read our messages. If that’s the case and she hasn’t responded, most people start overthinking what might have offended the other person in their texts. Find out if someone has read your message on … Read more

Montpellier metropolis. Discord at the SPA: €200,000 deficit, €70,000 subsidy

Montpellier metropolis Discord at the SPA E200000 deficit E70000 subsidy

By Jean-Marc Aubert Published on 7 Apr 22 at 16:31 Metropolitan See my news Follow this media An abandoned dog collected in a shelter of a SPA (©Pixabay) Frozen in 2021 by Montpellier Metropolis for current legal cases, the grant of €70,000 will be paid this year to the association of the SPA which manages … Read more