pCloud Family: the “lifetime” cloud subscription of 2 TB for up to 5 users is at a knockdown price! 📍

pCloud Family the lifetime cloud subscription of 2 TB for

It’s time to do some good business! The “lifetime” family cloud subscription (in one-time payment) of 2 TB and up to 5 pCloud users is at a discount of -75%. Be careful, the offer will only last a few days, so take advantage of it. pCloud is an online public cloud service that you pay … Read more

pCloud offers 2TB of lifetime storage for your whole family

pCloud offers 2TB of lifetime storage for your whole family

In the small world of online storage, pCloud offers a unique solution. Here, no monthly or annual subscription, but a definitive purchase of 2 TB in the Cloud, valid for life. How many photos have you taken from your very first smartphone? Probably thousands, if not tens of thousands. These digital archives have a weight … Read more

Family Law Reform | The voices we didn’t want to hear

Donnees de geolocalisation on vous suit

The detailed study of Bill 2 (PL2) on the reform of family law has just begun and Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette has already indicated that the notions of sex and identity of genre will be grouped “under the same hat”1 in the Civil Code. Posted at 12:00 p.m. Marie Claude Girard Retired from the Canadian Human … Read more

My family of 4 spent $65 at Oga’s Cantina at Disney World. After finally getting a table, I wouldn’t go back. – News 24 | News in France and abroad

My family of 4 spent 65 at Ogas Cantina at

After trying to get reservations at Oga’s Cantina for years, we finally lucked out with a date. The theme and decor of the Hollywood Studios bar is straight out of the “Star Wars” movies. My family enjoyed our visit, but the experience is overrated and I won’t be rushing back. We were lucky with walk-in … Read more

pCloud Family Easter offer: 78% off to store for life!

1649922653 pCloud Family Easter offer 78 off to store for life

The bells will ring soon! And this year there will not only be chocolate that you will be able to enjoy. On April 14, the pCloud file hosting service offers an unmissable offer. There is indeed 78% discount for pCloud Family subscription, which also includes pCloud Encryption, Europe’s most secure client encryption. Or lifetime storage … Read more

pCloud cuts the price of its Family and Encryption formulas for Easter

pCloud cuts the price of its Family and Encryption formulas

The pCloud online storage platform offers you an exceptional offer to celebrate Easter: the pCloud Family and pCloud Encryption packages at a knockdown price! But the longer you wait, the higher the price will be. Find out quickly how this offer works in this article. Take advantage of the pCloud offer Starting this morning at … Read more

Ukrainian family businesses, at the heart of wartime resistance

Ukrainian family businesses at the heart of wartime resistance

At a time when the fighting is still raging, Ukrainian family businesses display a capacity for resistance, organization, and a spirit of solidarity drawn from their culture of resilience that has been constantly renewed, even reinforced throughout history. According to definition adopted at European Commission level, a business, regardless of its size, is a family … Read more

Aging with a family carer, a possible alternative to the Ehpad

1648818264 Aging with a family carer a possible alternative to the

By Solène L’Hénoret Posted today at 2:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportGhislaine, Roger and Madeleine found “health, safety and well-being” with Maria Subota. If approved family carers are one of the solutions to the challenge posed by old age, this personalized reception cannot respond to certain pathologies. Around the table, Ghislaine and Roger, aged … Read more

“We don’t know when and where to return”: this Ukrainian family finds a daily life far from the bombs in Germany

We dont know when and where to return this Ukrainian

On the morning of the invasion of Ukraine, “my kids found me at the breakfast table crying”, says the German Katrin Bilger. The shock passed, the family decides to act. “Pretty quickly, the three of us said to each other that we were going to help in any way possible”explains this 37-year-old woman, an … Read more

Andrii, this young Ukrainian goes back and forth with France to help his family and the refugees

Andrii this young Ukrainian goes back and forth with France

Andrii, 23, Ukrainian, was a student in Warsaw (Poland) before the Russian invasion. Since then, he has multiplied the convoys to try to shelter his family and his compatriots. Andrii, a young 23-year-old Ukrainian, is taking part in the humanitarian convoy, which left Villeurbanne on Saturday morning, bound for Lublin in Poland. He spent his … Read more