Google oblige le dveloppeur de Total Commander supprimer la possibilit d’installer des APK sur les appareils Android, via une plainte relative au rglement du Play Store

Google oblige le developpeur de Total Commander a supprimer la

L’une des fonctionnalits les plus pratiques d’Android qui le distingue de la concurrence mobile est la possibilit d’installer des applications en dehors du Play Store. L’installation de l’APK est la raison pour laquelle vous pouvez toujours jouer Fortnite – mme si la bataille juridique d’Epic avec Google se poursuit – et c’est ainsi que vous … Read more

Google Explains Your Android Phone’s Notifications Problem

Google Explains Your Android Phones Notifications Problem

The best Android phones and tablets don’t all work the same way, and some devices have aggressive battery-saving software that can reliably prevent background notifications from arriving. The Android team explained this week at Google I/O why this is a recurring issue. Modern versions of Android strike a good balance between extending battery life (by … Read more

Google Chrome improves search: shortcuts in the address bar, optimized history…

Google Chrome improves search shortcuts in the address bar optimized

Discover the new features of Google Chrome that will improve your navigation. Share the article Heloise Famie-Galtier / Published on February 9, 2022 at 11:12 a.m. Discover the latest features of Google Chrome to improve searches for Internet users. © Alexei / In a post blog, Google Chrome announces new features … Read more

Google Requires Data Security Disclosure of Play Store Apps

Google announcement it will roll out a “Data Security” section for apps listed on its app marketplace, Google Play, similar to Apple’s privacy nutrition labels. The Data Security section will provide consumers with a summary of an App’s privacy and security practices, including, but not limited to, user data that an App “collects” or “shares”. … Read more

Google I/O: Simplify app development with Firebase updates

Google IO Simplify app development with Firebase updates

Application development is becoming increasingly complex. Developers need to build apps for different platforms and a growing number of form factors. They must also meet increasing requirements in terms of security and scalability. To help developers deal with all of this, Google is rolling out a series of new updates. by Firebase its application backend … Read more

Forget Google Drive, ultra-secure pCloud storage is 75% off

pCloud is the perfect online storage to back up your files securely in a European data center. Discover its offer of the day. The use of online file hosting services has grown steadily in recent years. It must be said that we need more and more space to store ever more numerous and voluminous files: … Read more

Bird and Google are revolutionizing self-service vehicle parking » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

Tata Communications strengthens its Internet WAN IZOTM PACAs economic

birdthe pioneer of micro-mobility, announces the solution to solve the annoying parking of self-service scooters and bicycles! And it’s based on technology from Google. Bird’s VPS for “Visual Parking System” is a revolutionary new parking tool, powered by Google’s ARCore geospatial API, allowing us to geolocate parked vehicles with extreme precision by leveraging the 3D … Read more

Google Cloud lance AlloyDB, un nouveau service de base de donnes PostgreSQL entirement gr, qui serait 100 fois plus rapide pour les requtes analytiques que la version standard de PostgreSQL

Google Cloud lance AlloyDB un nouveau service de base de

Lors de la premire journe de l’dition 2022 de la confrence annuelle I/O mercredi, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) a annonc une nouvelle option de base de donnes appele AlloyDB, construite autour de la base de donnes open source PostgreSQL qui est devenu un choix populaire pour les dveloppeurs. La nouvelle base de donnes est conue … Read more

Google G Suite becomes paid on May 1! What impacts? What alternative solutions? – Home and Domotics

Google G Suite becomes paid on May 1 What impacts

RecordChecked inDeleted 3 Google announced a few days ago that all users of the “old free edition” of G Suite should “upgrade to a paid subscription to Google Workspace” by July 1, 2022 to be able to continue using Gmail, Google Calendar , Google Drive and the Google office suite, including Docs, Sheets and Slides. … Read more