Linux Foundation Podcast Series: “The Untold Stories of Open Source”

The power of a story. I first wrote about this 7 years ago in a series I titled Lessons from a two-year-old. But that’s a reality as old as time itself – humans are wired for stories. We like to listen to them, tell them, and they help us relate to others and remember things. … Read more

Nvidia releases open-source Linux GPU drivers

Nvidia releases open source Linux GPU drivers

Gaming on Linux has always been a little more complicated than on Windows (or game consoles), and one of the reasons for that is poor driver support. Nvidia under Linux. The situation is changing, but it is difficult to know how much it will improve. Nvidia announced on Wednesday that it has released its Linux … Read more

Nvidia releases open source GPU driver for Linux Computerworld

To work more closely with Linux distributions, Nvidia has decided to release the GPU driver code for Linux as open source. This opening concerns kernel modules for Ampere and Turing GPUs. Previously proprietary and closed source code for Nvidia’s GPU core modules has been released on Github. The first driver concerned is R515, under GPL/MIT … Read more

Les conteneurs JavaScript surpasseront-ils les conteneurs Linux ? Le crateur de Node.js pense que les conteneurs JavaScript pourraient simplifier l’criture des services Web

Les conteneurs JavaScript surpasseront ils les conteneurs Linux Le createur

Ryan Dahl, crateur de Node.js et de Deno (comme ‘Node’, mais l’envers), a dclar rcemment qu’il pensait que la majorit des services Web pourraient tre simplifis en utilisant des conteneurs JavaScript, plutt que des conteneurs Linux. Prcisment, les dveloppeurs de Deno, le nouvel environnement d’excution pour JavaScript et TypeScript, explorent la possibilit d’utiliser des conteneurs … Read more

Webmin – A Web-Based System Administration Tool For Linux TechRadar

1649267640 Webmin A Web Based System Administration Tool For Linux TechRadar

Webmin is an open-source web-based system configuration tool for Linux system administration. With the help of this tool, we can manage internal system configuration like setting up user accounts, disk quotasconfiguring services like apache, DNS, PHP, mysqlfile sharing and more. The Webmin application is based on pearl module and it uses TCP Harbor 10000 with … Read more

Hébergement Linux : top 3 des meilleurs hébergeurs en 2022

Hebergement Linux top 3 des meilleurs hebergeurs en 2022

© Journal du Geek Nous avons passé pas mal d’heures à comparer et tester les principaux hébergeurs francophones qui proposent une ou plusieurs offres d’hébergement Linux. L’objectif de tout cela ? Vous accompagner dans votre choix. Il est en effet difficile de faire le tri tant le nombre d’hébergeurs présents sur le marché est important. … Read more

Web hosting: why choose a Linux VPS virtual dedicated server?

1648554161 Web hosting why choose a Linux VPS virtual dedicated server

When it comes to web hosting, there are a variety of offers. The simplest in terms of maintenance is to choose a shared server. But if you have high performance and security requirements, the best solution is to turn to a dedicated virtual server. Here is more information on the Linux VPS offer offered by … Read more

Hébergement Linux ou Windows : quelles sont les différences ?

1647871456 Hebergement Linux ou Windows quelles sont les differences

Vous ne savez pas vers quel hébergement vous tourner entre Windows et Linux ? Vous voulez savoir quelles sont les différences et surtout les avantages de chacune des solutions ? Dans ce cas, nous vous recommandons de lire attentivement notre comparaison entre hébergement Linux vs Windows. Vous pouvez être certain de trouver toutes les réponses … Read more

How To Install Ajenti Control Panel To Manage Linux Servers

1647817001 How To Install Ajenti Control Panel To Manage Linux Servers

Ajenti is an open source web-based system management control panel for managing Linux system administration tasks remotely from the web browser, very similar to the Webmin system administration tool. Ajenti is a very powerful and lightweight tool, which provides a fast and responsive web interface for managing small server setups and is also best suited … Read more