5 online courses to learn UX design

UX Design Fundamentals with Dawan This training teaches you how to create, create and manage a website using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, as well as HTML5 and CSS3 software. After a presentation of the user experience and the importance of taking the human factor into account, the program will address the essential notions of UX design, such … Read more

Which service to choose to back up your online data in the cloud?

Which service to choose to back up your online data

In recent years, the needs in terms of online storage have grown. The exponential demand for storage has seen its growth take a significant turn since the arrival of smartphones. Photos, documents, videos, soundtracks, various files… multiple media that we want to keep, for various reasons: memories, administrative needs, professional projects… They all have their … Read more

Want to create an online portfolio?

Want to create an online portfolio

Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer or student, it is now essential to have a portfolio. To help you promote your work, we’ve rounded up the best portfolio building sites on the web here. Behance is used by many artists, graphic designers, photographers and animators. This is the reference site for publishing your portfolio … Read more

Overwatch and World of Warcraft: servers are back online after a DDoS attack

Overwatch and World of Warcraft servers are back online after

Blizzard’s multiplayer games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft were victims of a computer attack targeting the servers. Blizzard has confirmed that the DDoS attack is over and the game servers are back online. A few hours ago, Blizzard Entertainment announced on the networks that its game servers were victims of a DDoS attack. This … Read more

Shopify invests in Israeli online marketing company Yotpo

E-commerce giant Shopify, provider of an advanced software platform for online buyers and sellers with millions of registered merchants, has invested an undisclosed amount in Israeli e-marketing company Yotpo and will enter into a partnership multi-year platforms with the company to help clients grow their businesses. According to a joint announcement released Thursday, the partnership … Read more

Canva: the ultimate tool for easily creating visuals online

Canva the ultimate tool for easily creating visuals online

You don’t necessarily have the means to pay a designer and you’re not a Photoshop expert? So Can go should help you in your quest to achieve beautiful visuals easily! Creating designs for your social media or business is no easy feat. Indeed, in addition to having to know the graphic trends to offer visuals … Read more

Online storage: why pCloud outperforms industry giants

If your smartphone’s memory is full and you’re looking for an online storage service other than Google Drive, pCloud is the best option in 2022. This provider relies on simplicity and efficiency to provide its users an optimal cloud experience. The platform is also very secure, with servers based in Europe. If you are thinking … Read more

OneNote not syncing? How to put it back online

1652344999 OneNote not syncing How to put it back online

There are many reasons why OneNote notebooks are not syncing. Because OneNote stores notebooks in the cloud using OneDrive, there is a risk of internet connection issues, delays when working on an online notebook with multiple people, and delays when working on the same notebook from different devices. Here’s what to do when OneNote won’t … Read more

6 crucial points to consider when launching an online store –

6 crucial points to consider when launching an online store

Creating an online store has been relatively easy for several years not only because it is a market that has exploded (online sales continue to increase year after year), but also because there are many solutions for all types of projects without the need for advanced computer knowledge. Despite everything, if on the technical side … Read more