Revision of the eIDAS regulation: the security of the web ecosystem in danger

Revision of the eIDAS regulation the security of the web

A revision of the eIDAS regulation, which regulates cross-border electronic procedures for the identification, authentication and certification of websites within the EU, is currently being studied by the European Union. Article 45 of the proposal addresses one of the key web security mechanisms for verifying whether a secure site is who it claims to be. … Read more

Google Requires Data Security Disclosure of Play Store Apps

Google announcement it will roll out a “Data Security” section for apps listed on its app marketplace, Google Play, similar to Apple’s privacy nutrition labels. The Data Security section will provide consumers with a summary of an App’s privacy and security practices, including, but not limited to, user data that an App “collects” or “shares”. … Read more

Discover the security measures of iDrive’s Cloud Backup service –

Discover the security measures of iDrives Cloud Backup service

For those who value security, the Cloud Backup offer from IDrive allows you to benefit from a private key for encryption. In fact, it is a zero-knowledge service. IDrive offers a unique combination of online storage and cloud backup. It also provides its subscribers with a host of backup features. IDrive’s privacy and security are … Read more

Security guards won’t stop homelessness in Toronto – homes will – Reuters News in France and abroad

“It’s the bread and butter of what we do as a city, to keep our city clean,” the councilor said. Denzil Minnan-Wong said at some point during Wednesday’s city council meeting. The ongoing discussion centered on damaged trash cans on city streets, a topic that has prompted heated remarks about public cleanliness from elected officials … Read more

RAUC: the tool for updating embedded systems, combining reliability and security!

Meeting the needs of the life cycle of embedded products and having the right tools to manage and control their software updates in complete safety: a challenge and a concern that have become major today. As soon as a solution or product is put into service, its software is called upon to evolve, according to … Read more

Healthcare cloud: Amazon Web Services focuses on security, lower costs and innovation

Healthcare cloud Amazon Web Services focuses on security lower costs

DSIH, TUESDAY 10 MAY 2022 Amazon Web Services (AWS), the subsidiary of the web giant Amazon specializing in cloud computing services, is an essential partner of many health players in France: public and private establishments, pharmaceutical companies, publishers… On the occasion of the arrival of AWS on the Santexpo exhibition, Erick Jan-Vareschard, who manages the … Read more

Civil security: what are the real missions of the citizen reserve?

Civil security what are the real missions of the citizen

Several municipalities in Normandy appeal to the will of its inhabitants to join the municipal civil security reserve. What are its functions and can anyone integrate it? Explanations. The municipal civil security reserve makes it possible to help municipal agents by participating in the support and assistance of populations in the event of a crisis. … Read more

Disavowed: Chrome Plans To Deprecate ‘Document.domain’ Lays Groundwork For Browser Security Change

Disavowed Chrome Plans To Deprecate Documentdomain Lays Groundwork For Browser

Make document.domain immutable Web developers who rely on a workaround that relaxes the same origin policy to allow subdomains to exchange content will soon have to take a different approach. Starting with the next version of Chrome 106, Googleof the web browser will close a loophole that went against best practices and, more importantly, was … Read more

Kubernetes security subject to software supply chain risks

Kubernetes security subject to software supply chain risks

Kubernetes and the cloud-native approach are at the center of the dramatic evolution that has taken place over the past decade, which has led to the massive adoption of open source by enterprises. At the same time, security issues related to the software supply chain have multiplied. Four of the 17 industry sectors featured … Read more

Swiss neutrality in question, loss of purchasing power, security radio network,… this Sunday’s headlines

Swiss neutrality in question NZZ AM SONNTAG: The Green Liberals want to move away from neutrality as it is currently conceived and allow arms to be sent to warring parties in certain cases. Concretely, National Councilor Beat Flach (AG) proposes that weapons can in future be delivered to democratic countries if these states are victims … Read more