Which service to choose to back up your online data in the cloud?

Which service to choose to back up your online data

In recent years, the needs in terms of online storage have grown. The exponential demand for storage has seen its growth take a significant turn since the arrival of smartphones. Photos, documents, videos, soundtracks, various files… multiple media that we want to keep, for various reasons: memories, administrative needs, professional projects… They all have their … Read more

Focus on the Villa Médicis senior service residences – Full life

The Villa Medici Service Residences offer new places to live for seniors, in which they can live safely and independently, in a friendly environment, while discovering new experiences. The Villa Médicis Service Residences are competing for the second edition of the Prix Pleine Vie in the Residence category. Places of life where listening, respect and … Read more

Discover the security measures of iDrive’s Cloud Backup service – LeBigData.fr

Discover the security measures of iDrives Cloud Backup service

For those who value security, the Cloud Backup offer from IDrive allows you to benefit from a private key for encryption. In fact, it is a zero-knowledge service. IDrive offers a unique combination of online storage and cloud backup. It also provides its subscribers with a host of backup features. IDrive’s privacy and security are … Read more

Google Cloud lance AlloyDB, un nouveau service de base de donnes PostgreSQL entirement gr, qui serait 100 fois plus rapide pour les requtes analytiques que la version standard de PostgreSQL

Google Cloud lance AlloyDB un nouveau service de base de

Lors de la premire journe de l’dition 2022 de la confrence annuelle I/O mercredi, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) a annonc une nouvelle option de base de donnes appele AlloyDB, construite autour de la base de donnes open source PostgreSQL qui est devenu un choix populaire pour les dveloppeurs. La nouvelle base de donnes est conue … Read more

Discord has become the go-to messaging service

Discord is a cross-platform voice and text chat app originally designed for gamers, but since it has grown in popularity, all kinds of communities have migrated to it. Even Netcost-security.fr staff have moved away from Slack to use Discord full-time instead. Discord was created to bring people together around games. You taught us that it … Read more

This decentralized cloud storage service is an alternative to Google Drive

This decentralized cloud storage service is an alternative to Google

I’m not going to lie, I’m addicted to Google Drive. I use it every day, and have for a long time. At the same time, I’m always looking for other services that could either replace Google Drive or be used in cases where I don’t necessarily want to entrust my data to Google. If this … Read more

Shopify: “Technology must be at the service of merchants”

At the forefront of the disruption of our habits brought about by e-commerce, Shopify offers a different model from that of the traditional marketplace. A look back at this ecosystem with Emilie Benoit-Vernay, Country Manager France for Shopify. The global e-commerce ecosystem has long been dominated by a customer-centric business model. This is, of course, … Read more

Mailchimp : le service ultime pour envoyer et monétiser ses newsletters

Mailchimp le service ultime pour envoyer et monetiser ses

En marketing, capturer les emails de son audience ou de sa cible est vital. Grâce à des outils comme Mailchimp, vous allez pouvoir le faire facilement, et surtout pouvoir leur envoyer des newsletters designs et impactantes en quelques clics. Que vous soignez chef d’entreprise, un responsable communication, un indépendant ou même un créatif en agence, … Read more

Freelancers: How to put digital at your service?

Freelancers How to put digital at your service

Partner content In Belgium, 16% of workers are self-employed. Being self-employed has many advantages but also many challenges: How to manage your time? his clients ? its digital presence? its accounting and insurance? Freelancers must be versatile to master these subjects. Fortunately, the daily life of freelancers can be simplified thanks to digital technology. Whether … Read more

Conversational video: CRM data at the service of personalizing the customer experience

Conversational video CRM data at the service of personalizing the

Abolish irritants in a customer journey, decipher an invoice, act of reassurance: interactive conversational video is the key lever for a reinvented customer experience. Explanations with Nicolas Vian, Customer Experience Director at Opportunity. I subscribe Within the customer journey, there are critical phases. Validate a payment, take out a … Read more