Canva: the ultimate tool for easily creating visuals online

Canva the ultimate tool for easily creating visuals online

You don’t necessarily have the means to pay a designer and you’re not a Photoshop expert? So Can go should help you in your quest to achieve beautiful visuals easily! Creating designs for your social media or business is no easy feat. Indeed, in addition to having to know the graphic trends to offer visuals … Read more

Creating a free tool to capture new customers: Hoggo’s feedback

You have decided to make your HRIS platform free. For what reasons ? At the house of hoggo, our core business is to simplify the internal functioning of companies while fighting to enable them to constantly save money. We started by optimizing our clients’ group insurance contracts to offer them better coverage at the best … Read more

RAUC: the tool for updating embedded systems, combining reliability and security!

Meeting the needs of the life cycle of embedded products and having the right tools to manage and control their software updates in complete safety: a challenge and a concern that have become major today. As soon as a solution or product is put into service, its software is called upon to evolve, according to … Read more

Bubble: the star no-code application development tool

1651785897 Bubble the star no code application development tool is a no-code development tool that requires no special programming knowledge. Via its graphical interface, it allows you to design your own mobile and web applications by drag and drop. Summary Bubble, what is it? is a no-code development tool. Available in English, it is used to create web and mobile applications without … Read more

Wix has launched a tool to create applications without any coding

Wix has launched a tool to create applications without any

Israeli software company Wix has launched a new tool that gives customers the ability to create mobile apps, rounding out its offering of web development services. The new product, called Branded App by Wix, will allow customers, such as small businesses, to create a bespoke app without any coding, the company said Tuesday. The app … Read more

Climate challenge: digital technology, a strategic tool for action

Climate challenge digital technology a strategic tool for action

A forum signed Gabriel Raymondjean, Director of Talan Operations and Olivier Marchand, Climate and Responsible Digital Manager at Talan. Digital transformation and ecological transition should not be opposed. We must strive to reduce the carbon footprint of digital technology, but digital technology can also contribute to meeting the challenge of climate change. At a time … Read more

Webmin – A Web-Based System Administration Tool For Linux TechRadar

1649267640 Webmin A Web Based System Administration Tool For Linux TechRadar

Webmin is an open-source web-based system configuration tool for Linux system administration. With the help of this tool, we can manage internal system configuration like setting up user accounts, disk quotasconfiguring services like apache, DNS, PHP, mysqlfile sharing and more. The Webmin application is based on pearl module and it uses TCP Harbor 10000 with … Read more

Discord, a credible new CRM tool for brands

Discord a credible new CRM tool for brands

The platform has carved out a place for itself in the world of online communication. The opportunities for brands are real. With, according to internal statistics, nearly 150 million active users each month worldwide, Discord is no longer the niche social network, confined to the world of gaming, that it was in its infancy. The … Read more