This WordPress plugin makes it easy to connect third-party applications together

This WordPress plugin makes it easy to connect third party applications

To create their website, many professionals and companies turn to WordPress. On this content management system (CMS), it is possible to add applications in order to enrich the functionalities of its platform or its site. Bit Integrations makes it possible to connect them to each other in order to boost its use of WordPress. Automate … Read more

Ranking of the fastest and lightest WordPress themes

Ranking of the fastest and lightest WordPress themes

Among the most modern WordPress themes, which ones show the best performance in terms of loading time and speed of interaction? The JDN has drawn up a benchmark of their web performance. Whether for a new website or for an existing site, it is essential to look at the page loading speed. To speed up … Read more

What are the advantages of the WordPress Gutenberg editor?

WordPress is certainly the most used platform for site creation. Intuitive and easy to use, this platform allows you to adjust your site according to your needs. Thanks to the default Gutenberg editor, site owners have many features to best adapt their site to their desires. In order to understand how Gutenberg works and discover … Read more

A booking plugin for WordPress will make your life easier — YubiGeek

Are you one of those service professions that spends way too much time managing appointments or bookings? If so, a well-designed, flexible and efficient booking plugin can save you from a thankless task and do some of the secretarial work for you. Discover WP Amelia ! Eliminate the burden of appointment management All day long, … Read more

ONLYOFFICE lance une intgration avec WordPress et Strapi et amliore son connecteur Alfresco

ONLYOFFICE lance une integration avec WordPress et Strapi et ameliore

ONLYOFFICE est une suite bureautique code source ouvert intgrant une application tiers grce aux connecteurs. Ils tendent les fonctionnalits de la plate-forme familire avec des diteurs de texte, de feuilles de calcul, de prsentations et de formulaires, ainsi que des outils de collaboration. De cette manire, les utilisateurs disposent d’un espace de travail tout-en-un et … Read more

The SAND agency launches the 1st WordPress® plugin dedicated to asset management

Present with various asset management players since 2013, the SAND agency today announces the launch of SAND360, the 1st WordPress(1) plugin entirely dedicated to asset management professionals. Antoine ROGER, its founder tells us more. FiBee: can you tell us a few words about your agency? AR : the SAND agency is an agency specializing in … Read more

La part de march de WordPress diminue, perdant 0,4 % de parts de march au profit de Wix et Squarespace, selon le blogueur Joost de Valk

Les sites WordPress seraient pirates dans les secondes qui suivent

WordPress est le systme de gestion de contenu le plus populaire au monde, WordPress domine des marchs comme celui du commerce lectronique, ce qui signifie qu’il n’est pas uniquement destin aux blogs. Cependant, depuis fevrier, la part de march de WordPress diminue, perdant 0,4 % de parts de march. Shopify, le CMS n2 est galement … Read more