Stocks in action: Barrick Gold, Shopify, Nvidia, ABB, Novatek, Air Liquide

Here is a selection of announcements that have moved (or will move) the prices of these companies:

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Barrick Gold (ABX.TO, $28.40) announced a hike in its quarterly dividend on Wednesday, as it posted lower earnings for fiscal 2021, compared to 2020. The gold company will now pay a dividend quarterly of 10 US cents per share, rather than 9 US cents. Barrick said it would also pay another dividend tied to the cash amount on its balance sheet. For its full fiscal year 2021, Barrick earned a profit attributable to its securityholders of US$2.02 billion (US$B), or US$1.14 per share, down from US$2.32 billion, or US$1.31 per share, for 2020. Annual revenue was nearly US$12 billion, down from US$12.6 billion in 2020. On an adjusted basis, Barrick says it earned US$1.16 per share for the year, compared to its adjusted profit of US$1.15 per share in the prior year.

Shopify (SHOP, US$729.64) posted a loss for its 4th quarter on Wednesday, after posting an unrealized loss on various investments, but its revenue soared more than 40% from the same period a year earlier and its results exceeded expectations. The e-commerce services company posted a net loss of US$371.3 million, or US$2.95 per share, for the quarter ended Dec. 31. Its result was dragged down by an unrealized loss of US$509.7 million on equity and other investments. That result compared with net income of US$123.9 million, or 99 cents per share, for the fourth quarter of 2020. Quarterly revenue totaled US$1.38 billion, compared to $977.7 million. US$ of the same period a year earlier. On an adjusted basis, Shopify earned US$1.36 per share in the most recent quarter, compared to an adjusted profit of US$1.58 per share in the fourth quarter of 2020. Analysts on average had expected adjusted profit of US$1.24 per share and revenues of nearly US$1.33 billion, according to forecasts compiled by the financial data firm Refinitiv.

Automaker Jaguar Land Rover announced on Wednesday that the American electronic chip giant Nvidia (NVDA, US$261.54) would supply the electronic architecture for all its vehicles from 2025. “All new Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be built on the Nvidia Drive software platform,” the groups said in a joint statement. This platform includes solutions for safety, autonomous driving, parking assistance, driver and passenger monitoring or advanced visualization of the vehicle environment. Nvidia was already collaborating in the automotive sector with Volkswagen, Mercedes, Volvo or the Chinese groups SAIC, NIO and Xpeng for a turnover of 8 billion US dollars over the next five years. The amount of the contract with Jaguar Land Rover, owned by the Indian group Tata Motors, has not been specified.

The Swiss-Swedish engineering group ABB (ABBN.SW, CHF32.33) has landed an order with Canadian firm EarthDaily Analytics to supply it with multi-spectral imaging systems that will detect climate change in near real-time, it said. he Wednesday. These next-generation imaging systems will be placed on 10 satellites to be launched from 2023, he said in a statement. They must provide high-quality images that will allow this Canadian company specializing in data services, used in particular in the agricultural sector to monitor crops, to have information on ecosystems as well as on the impact and evolution of change. climatic. This data can also be used to monitor crops or predict forest fire trajectories. Once deployed, satellites equipped with this imaging system will continuously capture images of land and large marine areas, adds ABB. This order, for an amount of 30 million US dollars, will be accounted for in the results of the first quarter, specifies the group whose headquarters are in Zurich.

Novatek (NVTK.ME, RUB$1,608.40), Russia’s top producer and exporter of liquefied natural gas, on Wednesday reported net profit more than six times higher in 2021 than a year earlier, on the back of a historic spike in energy prices. Net profit for 2021 stood at 433 billion rubles (5 billion euros at the current rate), compared to 68 billion rubles in 2020, more than six times more, the private group said in a press release. Novatek’s revenue increased by more than 62% year on year to 1,157 billion rubles (13.6 billion euros) in 2021. The group attributed these results, in particular, to “better macroeconomic conditions which have led to an increase in the sale prices of our hydrocarbons, as well as the launch of new production infrastructures”. Novatek thus took advantage of the surge in hydrocarbon prices last year against a backdrop of global economic recovery and still limited production in certain countries. Over the year, gas prices were multiplied by five in Europe. Some voices have accused Russia of knowingly delivering the minimum amount of gas through its gas pipelines in order to obtain the launch of the controversial Nord Stream 2 tube, completed but awaiting the green light from the German regulator, contributing to this energy crisis.

The group Air Liquid (AI.PA) posted a net profit of 2.57 billion euros in 2021, up 5.6% compared to 2020 “in a context of a sharp and continuous rise in energy prices”, and appears optimistic for 2022, betting on the energy transition markets. The French industrial gas group, whose CEO Benoit Potier will hand over in June, achieved last year a turnover up 13.9% to 23.335 billion, driven in particular by increases in the sale of oxygen or hydrogen to steelmaking and chemicals in Europe and North America. In a press release, Air Liquide reassured its shareholders by telling them that the increase in energy prices in 2021 does not weigh on its accounts and that it is “transferred” to its customers. In Europe, the health division also continued to grow (+4.7%) after a peak in 2020 due to the pandemic and the explosion in demand for medical oxygen. Last year, the group generated an operating margin of 17.8% and plans to pay a dividend of 2.90 euros (+5.5%) to its shareholders, whose general meeting is scheduled for May 4. For 2022, the group’s “investment opportunities” are valued at 3.3 billion euros, of which “more than 40%” are projects related to the energy transition.

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Stocks in action: Barrick Gold, Shopify, Nvidia, ABB, Novatek, Air Liquide

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