[Tribune] CRM and CXM: two different approaches yet in perfect synergy

The coming year 2022 brings together all the conditions to witness a strong acceleration of “customer-centric” decision-making and operational models in Italian companies. However, we are convinced that it is necessary to have a precise image of these two customer relationship management models and of the strategic advantage that their combined use can represent.

CRM and CXM offer two complementary views of the same interaction. CRM offers an “inside-out” vision, that is, it looks at the action from a business perspective, such as identifying the product the customer purchased or whether the customer contacted the helpline to inquire about ugly. CXM, on the other hand, aims for a detailed image “from the outside in”. relationship with the customer, i.e. they are interested in their opinion of their recent shopping experience or the help given to them by the helpline operator.

Customer relationship management software collects customer activity data (purchases, services requested, number of complaints recorded, etc.), in order to obtain measurement indicators and information that is useful for customer relations. They are therefore characterized by a more quantitative and statistical approach. For their part, the customer experience suites collect the feelings of the customers vis-à-vis experiences with the brand at each touchpoint, to translate them into operational insights to improve the experience, and therefore customer satisfaction.

In other words, CRM seeks above all to increase the operational efficiency of the company, while trying to meet customer needs. CXM, on the other hand, is all about providing satisfying and personalized experiences. We can add that, if CRM intervenes downstream of the experience by using information about what happened, CXM explains why it happens and tries to “forge” the experience even before it has place.

It should be said, however, that in order to achieve the goal of ensuring a positive and meaningful experience for the customer, it is absolutely essential to have CXM platforms and integrate them with CRM software. Indeed, the complementarity of the two programs allows companies to obtain a 360° vision and to fully focus on the needs of their customers. They are therefore placed at the heart of the decision-making and operational processes.

In details, the data provided by CRM programs can help companies identify the points where it is a priority to listen to the customer and therefore to intervene. Thanks to customer relationship management solutions, for example, it will be possible to know how many customers buy the entry level of a subscription or car model. For their part, CXM platforms will provide complementary data on how many of them are not satisfied with their choice and how to intervene to improve their perception of their purchase and the brand.

Additionally, CRM suites can identify the percentage of consumers who have contacted the helpline for a particular issue, while CXM suites will tell why this is causing frustration and concern and what corrective actions can be taken to don’t lose the customer.

In summary, the integration of CRM and CXM makes it possible to transform statistical data in a highly targeted and powerful way into deep insights into customer sentiment and operational insights. A strategic choice for winning companies, today and tomorrow.

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[Tribune] CRM and CXM: two different approaches yet in perfect synergy

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